What To Consider When Choosing Shower Screens


In this era, a bathroom has become a sacred space in the house as it is where most people start or end their day. A bathroom is a place to relax in or retreat to even though it is for a few minutes a day. If your bathroom is squeezed into a tiny space and does not allow for a separate shower enclosure, consider bringing in shower screens. Since showers are a critical part of most modern households, make sure you find the right screen. Shower screens protect the rest of the bathroom against being splattered with water and change the look and feel of the bathroom. Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing shower screens.

  • Shape of your bath

When it comes to shower screens, the shape of your bath will dictate the options that you can go with. A standard size and shape bathroom has different options that you can consider. If your bath is square-shaped or you have a curved bathtub, then your options for shower screens will be limited. However, no matter the style of your bath, there is always a shower screen that will suit you best.

  • Layout and space

When choosing between shower screens, according to http://framelessshowerscreens.com.au the layout and the space of your bath should be your primary concern. To begin with, you need to focus on objects that could get in the way of your bath screen. For instance, think about things like the bathroom door being nearby or the sink being next to the bath. Make sure there are no things that the shower screen could clash against. If there are things that you think could clash the screen, go for a folding shower screen. If your bathroom has plenty of space, go for a screen that opens out into the bathroom like the traditional one-piece shower screen.

  • Water delivery

Before choosing a bath screen, decide if want to have a powerful shower head installed. If you are planning to use a power shower for a refreshing showering experience over your bath, go for the power shower approved shower screen. A shower screen with integrated water delivery is the ideal option if you would like to avoid water flooding around the bath edge or in case you want good water integrity.

  • Shower bath

Compatible shower screens are the ideal option for people with a specialist shower bath. With a shower bath, you family will have a spacious showering area since a shower bath is specifically created for bathing and showering in. If that’s the case, then you should go for specialist curved shower screens that can accommodate your shower bath.

  • Overall look and style of your bathroom

A shower screen is a critical part of the visual impact of the bathroom and a functional bathroom accessory that stops water from spraying everywhere. If your bathroom is contemporary styled, frameless shower screen is your ideal option as they can also add an illusion of space if your bathroom is small. If your bathroom is classic style, shower screens with a rounded top are the best alternative. For a more modern appearance, you can choose a shower screen that comes towel rails installed.


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