Carpet Cleaning Tips – Removing Gum from Your Carpet

If you have been googling ‘how to get gum out of carpet‘, you are in the right spot as a chewing gum can ruin a perfectly good carpet if not handled carefully.

Here are are some tips for battling out the gum from your carpet without pulling your hair out or chopping off carpet fibres in sheer desperation. We have mentioned a few different techniques that rely on your home supplies, the type of carpet you have and how badly the gum is inserted into the carpet.

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  1. The Ice Method

This is the easiest method of removing ice from your rug and it works very well if the gum hasn’t been left for long. Just grab a piece of ice and hold it on the gum till it becomes hard and brittle. You can use a kitchen towel to hold the ice, if your hand starts getting numb from the cold.¬†Use a butter knife to scrape it off gently.

  1. The Peanut Butter Method

This is an old remedy which has been passed around for generations and you’d remember it if your hair got gum stuck in it in your childhood. Parents run towards the pantry to grab that jar of peanut butter to ease the gum out of their child’s hair without chopping it off and ruining their kid’s look.For carpet cleaning, it is pretty effective as you just have to press and gently rub about a teaspoon or so of peanut butter onto the sticky gum in your carpet. Dampen a washcloth and carefully extract the gum. If some gum residue is left behind, use soapy water and a soft sponge to scrub it off. Anytime you feel like things are getting out of your hands, instead of ruining your carpet look for like professional help.

  1. The Oil Method

If peanut butter works so well in gum removal because it is greasy and oily, imagine how effective olive oil or vegetable oil could be, if used for the same reason.Take a teaspoon of oil and rub it slowly over the gum. Gently pry the gum from the carpet fibers with your fingers, all the while working out the oil around it. Clean up with a carpet cleaning solution followed by a thorough vacuuming.One warning though – this method might end up staining your carpet, so use it with caution and only if you’re desperate and have a dark coloured carpet.

  1. The Vinegar Method

Vinegar works as an efficient carpet cleaner for chewing gum messes. You simply need to pour a tablespoon or two of vinegar on the gum area and let it soak in for 15-20 minutes. Then grab a butter knife and gradually scrape it off, without hurting the carpet fibres.

Do do be careful about using correct the type of vinegar on your carpet. Dark coloured ones might leave a stain on a light shaded carpet. Also, you should do a test patch on a hidden corner of the carpet as at times vinegar tends to make the colours of the carpet bleed.

Well, if you’ve tried out all these simple home remedies for gum extraction from your carpet and you’re still frustrated with sticky mess that just doesn’t come out, give us a call. Our in-house trained carpet cleaning professionals will get out the gum without ruining your expensive rug.

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